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Lia Valencia Key

Corporate/Motivational Speaker 
Corporate consultant
Successful Creator/fonder and business owner of VALENCIA KEY

I grew up in very dark humble beginnings- impoverished, hungry, homeless, & at an early age experienced the loss of the 3 beautiful hearts that raised me: my mother, grandmother & aunt. My ability to shine through darkness coupled with my determination to create my own beautiful world of intentional sparkling internal brightness, unlocked my purpose, creativity, and bravery. My Life is a Miracle of Radiating light. illuminating my way out of the dark. a true example that your predicament does not determine your destiny. those are the encouraging words my mother (Wonderful words my mother would say) 

My mother died in the dark because she mentally couldn’t find the strength to shine above the dark captivity of our impoverish circumstances but even in the darkness she saw my light. I found the love of jewelry through my mother seeing the light inside me, she would always say "LIA VALENCIA KEY never leave the house without your earrings, they represent the Sparkling light so powerful inside you." Those words never left my heart. as I allowed the Joy and Light inside me to break barriers and defy the odds I would proudly wear defining jewelry and became passionate about sketching jewelry that embodies the Powerful light and Joy inside that helps me overcome. 

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Lia Valencia Key

Corporate/Motivational Speaker
Corporate consultant
Successful business owner of VALENCIA KEY

Lia has been inspiring audiences through helping improve corporate culture and   corporate consultations. She has created a Light and Joy filled brand that inspired and touched the lives of every customer for over 3 decades with topics like
- Leading in Light
- Radiating Joy
- Your Predicament doesn't    determine your destiny
- Successful live selling
- Creativity in corporate America to capture clients


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Program description

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*Unlocking your joy will gravitate you to your greatness

*As you Radiate your light you inspire others to unlock their light within

*if i can you can

Unlocking your Joy

Choose Joy, Light & Shine and reflect that light outwardly. Joy is a human thing; I want to inspire all souls. Live a life of joy from your inner core, know that all things are possible, and lead with love

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