VALENCIA KEY ROOTED Studs are created to wear as a beautiful reminders to stay strong and rooted.


Wear as a wonderful reminder of how strong we are when we stay rooted like a tree. In a storm, trees don’t resist the wind as it blows through its branches. Branches may break off but the trunk stays strong & flexible because of its deep powerful roots. Live rooted in your core values such as Joy, Love, Peace, Perseverance, & Gratitude and Life will continuously grow bountifully.

* Roots Spreading through Diamond Shape

* Perfect Size

* Length- ~ .60 inch

* Width-   ~ .50 inch

* Custom Made Large circle Back- Providing Extra Support & Comfort

* 100% Stainless Steel

* Health benefit: hypoallergenic

* Durable

* Tarnish-free

* Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear everyday. Radiating anytime Dressed Up or Dressed Down

Rooted Stud Earrings Rose Gold Tone

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